SalonBiz - Checking Out a WebOpenings Appointment

When an appointment is booked through WebOpenings, we collect payment from the guest immediately. An appointment will not appear in your POS system without payment being processed first. Since payment has already been collected, you will close out the ticket using a WebOpenings non-monetary payment type (similar to a gift card). The payment type should automatically be added when you first integrate with WebOpenings.


If you do NOT see a WebOpenings payment type at the checkout screen, follow the below steps to add it in SalonBiz:

1. From the SalonBiz/SpaBiz menu bar, click on the Blueprints icon

2. Click on Payment Types

3.  Select Add

4. Type in "WebOpenings" as the name and click OK

5. Type in a pay code in the Pay Code field (this part is your decision to name)

6. Type in a quick key code (if all quick key codes are being utilized you may leave this field blank)

7. Check the Enable Payment & Non-Revenue boxes

8. All other boxes are optional to check, so check necessary boxes

9. Click Update