REACH - Logo Import and Configuration

Why does my company logo look off inside of REACH?

The logo that you can import into REACH is located under My Business > My Brand. The file must meet minimum requirements to be able to be uploaded and scaled to match your online booking logo, email header, and footer logo, and other campaign events that might include your company logo.

The logo needs to follow the following criteria:

- Supported file types: PNG, JPEG, SVG, EPS
- Max file Size: 200KB
- Must be 250px x 150px minimum.

How to preview your logo on your iLMA (intelligent Last-Minute Appointment) emails:

1. Navigate to Autofill Agent.

2. Scroll down to Communication and click View under Last-Minute Appointments.

3. Click on Current Client Message/New Client Message.

NOTE: Keep in mind that these are examples of emails that are used to communicate with your clients. Emails may differ slightly depending on what the automated intelligence has deemed to be the most effective. The system will look at various factors and will personalize the email to that specific client.

You may notice that the logo does not fit across the entire top of your email, this is by design so do not be alarmed. The REACH Last-Minute Appointment emails and Campaign emails are designed for a singular purpose, to entice the client to click the button to view their offer and book an appointment.