REACH - Stripe Account Set-up

What do I need to do to set up my REACH merchant account?

Why am I setting this up?

REACH appointments are all prepaid, and once an appointment is booked Stripe will transfer the funds to you. To do this you will be required to have a Stripe account set up.


1. Navigate to the bottom left-hand side of the screen and click on the silhouette of the person and then on My Business:

2. Click on the tab that says My Income and then Connect Your Account:

Step 1

3. Enter the Mobile Number (you will receive a text for confirmation) and the Email for who will be setting up the account, then click Next:

Step 2

4. Confirm your Contact Information in the following screen, then click Next:

Step 3

5. Select Personal Services --> Health and Beauty Spas under Industry, then enter your Business Website, then click Next:

Step 4Step 5

6. Enter either your ACH Routing or Debit Card information, then click Next:

Step 6

7. Final step is to Verify Your Information and click Done

Step 7

Congratulations! Your Stripe account is set up and you'll see payments coming in as they book through the REACH platform!