REACH - Results Dashboard

Getting started with Results Dashboard

Here is where you will be able to see a high-level overview of your business revenue booked through the REACH platform. 3 of the pie-charts come from your bookings, and three are connected to Client Connect campaigns. The charts will represent your different channels, campaigns, clients, categories, providers, and services and the associated revenue for each.

You can swipe through left to right/right to left to see the info related to each. You can also see the Actual Revenue, Target Revenue, and Potential Revenue located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Once data starts flowing into the system it will start to look more like below:

Now that you have data over time, you will now have a new button called "Trend" when you are showing a lot of data over time you can click this "Trend" button and be shown the data in a bell curve formatted trend graphics like below.