Millennium - How to download a customer email database.

Exporting Email Addresses for All Clients

The following guide explains how to export the email addresses for every client with an email address entered in their client record.

1. Select Marketing -> Client Selection.
The Client Selections screen displays.

2. Click the NEW button.

3. In the Selection Name field, enter “WebO”.

4. Select the Contains Email check box.

5. Click the SELECT button.

The number of clients selected displays in the Selected field at the bottom of the screen.

6. Click the SAVE button and then click the "X" button.

7. Select Data -> Clients-> Client Information.
The Client Information screen displays.

8. In the Related Info panel, click the Export Data link.
The Client Export screen displays.

9. Select “WebO” in the Client Selection field and then click the EXPORT button.
The following message displays where “X” is the number of clients selected: “X clients selected for export.
Continue with export?”

10. Click the YES button.
The Export window displays.

11. Select the Export? checkbox next to the following items:




12. Click the EXPORT THESE FIELDS NOW button.
The Export Format button displays.

13. Select the Comma Delimited option in the Formats section.

14. In the Folder field, enter a location on the local PC or network drive in which to save the client data file.

16. Click the OK button.
A message displays to confirm that the client data file was created and transferred to the specified location.

17. Click the OK button.

18. Using your email program, send an email with the client data file as an attachment to