Millennium- How to Copy Existing Services to use in Web Openings

1. Open your Millennium software and click on Data>Services>Services Definitions.

2. There are two tabs, one is Maintenance and the other Listing. Click on Listing and scroll down to the service you want to re-create in Web Openings and while highlighted click on the tab "Maintenance"

3. Once there, click on Copy (Not Edit!!) and then recreate the service to use exclusively on Web Openings. To do this:

a. Change the service code to whatever makes sense for you to know what the service is and that is for Web Openings, for example a Woman's Cut could be WOWC for Web Openings Woman's Cut.

b. The Service Description needs to make sense for your customer as this line is viewable to them, at the same time you need to specify it is for Web Openings. We suggest putting "Web", "Web Only" or "Last Minute" in front of "Woman's Cut". 

c. Enter the Incentive price in your price levels - not the regular price

d. Under the "Appointments" tab you can double check the appointment time (this is the time Web Openings uses to scan appointment books)

e. Click Save

f. This will take you to the providers page where you can select which providers offer this service.

g. Click Save again

4. Repeat, until all services you want to offer on Web Openings are created. (We suggest 10-15 minimum)