How do I create a New Rule in WebOpenings?

Creating or editing rules in WebOpenings is a very simple process. Once you have your “web” services created in your POS you can navigate to and login, click RulesAdd Rule

Rule Title – You can call your rule anything you want; this is not customer facing so nobody will see what you call the rule. We suggest naming it something that makes sense to you like a Web Woman’s Hair Cut for Level 1 Providers could be called, “WWHCLVL1” this way you can identify it later.

Location – This is your business location(s) if you have multiple locations each will be located under this drop down. When you select your location WebOpenings will import your services and providers.

Service – This section will list out all your services that have been imported from your POS. Select the “Web” version of the service you want to use for the rule you are building. If you disable a service in your POS, the rule will no longer work, and you will need to edit the rule to enable an active service.

Service Provider – Your service providers will be listed in this section, there will be the providers that you have configured in your POS as available to perform the new “web” versions of your services. If a provider is not enabled on a service, they will not be able to perform that service even if you select them. When a service provider is removed from your POS, you may need to edit your rules to ensure that a rule always has an active provider.

WebOpenings Price – The WebOpenings price is what you want to sell the service for as an incentive. If the regular price is 45.00 and you want to create an incentive to sell the service at 40.00 you can enter the WebOpenings prices as 40 and the regular price as 45. No need for decimals or the extra zeros when creating dollar amounts in WebOpenings.

Less than x hours to service – This tells WebOpenings how deep into your provider's books/calendar should it look for availability. The maximum amount of time is 4 days and the minimum is 12 hours. We recommend when starting out to select 72 hours (3 days) No service will be booked less than 1 hour from the time it is to be performed, this will ensure your provider is aware of the booking with enough time to prepare.

Do NOT post availabilities between – Here you can specify the hours or time span of hours to not allow an available spot to be booked. A good example of that would be if you never wanted to post any open spots between 5:00 PM and 8:00 PM on Friday nights because you get a lot of walk-ins during those hours, then you could specify do NOT post between those times, and then specify the day of the week below.

Do NOT post availabilities on which days – Here is where you can specify the day of the week not to post any openings. If you are closed on Sunday, you do not need to specify not to offer on Sunday. If you do not want to book all day on Saturday due to walk-in traffic, then you would need to set the time on the above setting from the start of your day to the end of the day on Saturday to block Saturday from being offered.