Meevo - Checkout a REACH Appointment

How do I checkout a REACH Appointment in Meevo?

Below steps on how to process the transaction.

Click HERE for a video on how to do this or follow the steps below.

1. While in your appointment book, locate and click on the appointment you wish to process to open up the smart receipt window and click Check Out.

2. You will see a series of pop-up Notes that will indicate the amount that the customer Pre-Paid for the service. Be sure to remember the incentive amount as this will be used later during the checkout process. 

3. Click OK and then select Apply Discount on the lower left-hand side of the screen.

4. Select Percentage Off or Amount Off and enter the percentage/dollar amount indicated earlier in the Notes pop-up.

5. Select the service that you apply the discount to or Select All if discounting multiple services.

TIP: We recommend always adding a Transaction Note (located on the bottom left-hand side of the screen) for all incentives. This will be useful for reporting purposes.

6. Click Apply and Pay Now $x.xx
7. Select the payment method Other.

8. Click on Reach PrePaid Booking.

9. Type in the total amount and click Add Payment.

10. If a remaining balance exists for additional products or services:

  • Enter the amount and payment type option.
  • Type in the amount and click Add Payment.

11. If the client is adding a tip select Add Tip.

  • Select the tip percentage/dollar amount .
  • Click OK.
    • Add “Add Tip” – The service has been paid for, if you add the tip amount now you can add a new payment type to cover the tip amount.

    12. Once complete, click Finalize Sale.